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Should Vehicle Dealers Opt for Mobile Apps?

The process of buying or selling a vehicle involves a great deal of risk. Before the advent of technology, selling or purchasing a vehicle will involve quite a lot of personal...

Purpose of IP Address Router

Many of the people are depending mostly on the internet in order to get any information that they want. In fact, it has become the essential thing in the everyone’s life. The internet can be accessed via routers, modems and internet connection cables. People who are using routers may face some problems about the IP address. Fix 192.168.o.1 network problem. The default Admin Login address will help the people to access the router and fix the problems.

Always make sure to access the router with and the provided username and password and that password should be kept secure in order to avoid the unwanted connections to your router. If in case, you can’t access the internet through the router IP address, you can use the default IP address to able to use the web. Most of the routers come with the two common IP address such as or The only difference between these IP addresses and default IP address is the difference in last three digits.

There are many companies, organizations and networks use this default IP address on their huge number of cables, wireless data cables, modems and much more. The modern routers that use IP address commonly are as follows:

  • • Alcatel ADSL Modems
  • • 3Com routers
  • • Thompson ADSL routers
  • • Westell ADSL Modems



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Should Vehicle Dealers Opt for Mobile Apps?

The process of buying or selling a vehicle involves a great deal of risk. Before the advent of technology, selling or purchasing a vehicle will involve quite a lot of personal, on site research. The sales or purchase is them finalized by going to the dealership and tightening up the financial end.

Back then, a salesman had to be present for every sales transaction. This meant that the prospective buyer could only find out information about the car he or she wants to buy by visiting the dealership’s inventory showroom.

Nowadays, things are no longer conducted in this way. The advent of technology and mobile phones have brought about a positive change from the archaic traditional approaches.

A lot of buyers now conduct purchase transactions online mainly through the use of their mobile devices.

A lot of vehicle dealerships and dealers have come to terms with this new development and have learnt to adopt techniques that will bring their agency closer to the end users. These new techniques are heavily dependent on mobile technology.

However, a lot of car dealership outlets have not been met with much success in the process of adopting modern mobile marketing techniques to their day to day business transactions.

This is usually because the websites they employed have not been utilized enough to make casual visitors convinced enough to buy any of the cars on virtual display.

Therefore, it is not just enough for these car dealerships to get traffic to their website, they must also ensure that they present their sales pitch and Web content in such a way that will keep their users engaged.

This is the very first step in convincing them to make a purchase. This can be achieved simply by choosing brain over brawn. Don’t work hard, work smart.

You should make sure that your market research and survey us strong and accurate enough to enable you to know what the casual visitor to your website wants. When you understand this, you will be able to craft messages that will suit their needs.

Consumers these days are impatient. They are constantly demanding for an easy and convenient shopping experience, whether virtual or physical. Therefore, if the information you provide is not helpful enough, they will move on to a competing website that will satisfy their needs.

Do not make the same mistake as a majority of the dealerships. They do not give their buyers an interactive experience.

You can correct this fatal flaw by ensuring that when designing your website, you put your buyers first. You consider their wants and needs. When you do this adequately, you will be able to drive the sales of your product.

There are mobile apps that you can use to provide am interactive and immersive shopping experience to your clients. One of them is the 360° walk around mobile app.

It is a brand of intelligent automotive software that car dealerships use to provide a transparent and immersive shopping experience for prospective buyers. This software is an invaluable aid to automotive dealers.

These mobile apps function as comprehensive vehicle merchandising platforms. These programs are enjoying active use by thousands of car dealerships all over the world.

It operates based on an accumulation of intelligence reports conducted by the dealership. This information is usually comprised of statistics and other vital information about the clients and their activities and interests.

These apps examine the customer’s preference budget through the use of hotspot engagement data.

It examines the amount of time they spend looking at a particular vehicle and this helps the dealer when conducting follow up efforts on interested buyers.

This application also comes with a mobile capture app that serves to increase the efficiency of the photographer by maintaining perfect picture consistency.

With this kind of feature, there is no need for you to employ the services of an external agency for your photography needs.

The only thing you need is a walkaround video capture that gives all your vehicles permanent coverage. The 360° walkaround applications will then provide quality high resolution images automatically.

The application has enabled car dealerships to increase the efficiency of their operations and also to reduce the cost of production and operation. Money that would have otherwise gone to the funding of inventory photography needs.

By adopting these vehicle merchandising software programs for your dealership, you will increase the overall productivity and this will give your dealers an edge over competing establishments.

Adding Depth To Your Drawings 

Every 2D drawing can undergo improvement. This can come in by the simple addition of certain elements that will serve to create some degree of depth.

If you do this, you have already taken the first step in bringing your drawing to life. You have already started making it more realistic.

These changes and alterations are to make the drawing more professional and appealing to a select class, or classes, of people. You will also get to showcase whatever creative elements you believe should be included.

However, these changes have to first be approved and sanctioned by the business or person the eventual 2D drawing is for.

If you can effectively argue for the advantages and benefits of such an alteration, it will be easy for you to gain the approval of the right authorities.

Programs To Use 

You cannot use just any 2D drawing software program to add depth. There are specific programs designed solely for this purpose.

Therefore, when you are faced with the choice of selecting a 2D drawing software, use one that will make it easy for you to complete the whole drawing process.

This should preferably be a program that gives you the ability to connect all the line segments. This type of software will allow you to create polygon art easily.

You can use the various tools included with the software to manipulate the outlines of the shape in order to create a solid form to work with.

The program will also allow you to attribute any amount of thickness you desire to the 2D drawing you are working on. This is a very invaluable tool once it allows you to completely alter the overall looks of the drawing project.

For instance, any part of the project that you wish to distinguish from the others can simply be gifted with a thicker outline. This simple trick will make the aspect look different from the others.

Once this part is taken care of, you can then proceed to work on the remaining lines. You can focus your attention on either the lines at the bottom, or those at the top.

You might not get this at the first try but with constant practice, you should get better. After a while, you will be producing quality virtual 2D drawings in no time.

Also, you can project different outcomes for the various enhancements by alternating the degree of thickness of the lines. When you do this, you would have sufficiently examined all possible outlooks before eventually settling for the one you are most comfortable with.


Shadowing is another such technique you can use. It is an invaluable aid when you want to add more depth to the 2D object you are drawing.

Some software programs refer to it as shading but the two terms ‘Shadowing’ and ‘Shading’ refer to one and the same thing.

Shading, or shadowing, has been in existence for years. It is predominantly used in architecture and drawing. It enjoys much popularity because of its relative simplicity.

However, you have to be extremely careful when using shadows for your 2D drawing projects. If this technique is nor used the right way, it might make the eventual drawing look messy. This can overshadow important details in the drawing and that could make the whole project lose its essence.

When using this technique, you should target the smaller areas because if large areas are shadowed, they will overwrite the smaller details.

Therefore, you should endeavour to use this technique sparingly.


The use of depth can come in handy when you just cannot shake the feeling that the 2D drawing project you are working on does not look right.

Whenever you are using a drawing software, ensure that you are familiar with all the available options and tools. This will most likely occur as a result of varying degrees of experimentation.

You should be familiar with how to use these tools but more importantly, you should know what each tool does to your drawing. A knowledge of how these tools work will come in handy whenever you are undergoing a 2D drawing project.

Using this effectively can help you get your desired result without having to undergo much stress. It can be very frustrating for an artist when he or she sends an unsatisfactory project to a client.

Whatever software you adopt for your projects goes a long way in deciding the amount of depth you can achieve with your 2D drawing project.

Therefore, this should be at the back of your mind whenever you are deciding on a software to use for your next project.

You should not choose one that will only give you restrictive access to important told and techniques.