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Purpose of IP Address Router

Many of the people are depending mostly on the internet in order to get any information that they want. In fact, it has become the essential thing in the everyone’s life. The internet can be accessed via routers, modems and internet connection cables. People who are using routers may face some problems about the IP address. Fix 192.168.o.1 network problem. The default Admin Login address will help the people to access the router and fix the problems.

Always make sure to access the router with and the provided username and password and that password should be kept secure in order to avoid the unwanted connections to your router. If in case, you can’t access the internet through the router IP address, you can use the default IP address to able to use the web. Most of the routers come with the two common IP address such as or The only difference between these IP addresses and default IP address is the difference in last three digits.

There are many companies, organizations and networks use this default IP address on their huge number of cables, wireless data cables, modems and much more. The modern routers that use IP address commonly are as follows:

  • • Alcatel ADSL Modems
  • • 3Com routers
  • • Thompson ADSL routers
  • • Westell ADSL Modems
  • • SRW2023 Linksys switches
  • • TP-Link routers
  • • ADSL billions of routers
  • • 2Wire routers
  • • Motorola
  • • Cayman Netopia Internet gateways

Introduction to Private IP Address

As we mentioned, the IP address is the private address that has its own code. This IP address works only the compatible IPv4 address and it will not compatible with IPv6 address. It is considered as one of the block addresses that can be used for the private networks only. That means, a device cannot be accessed directly from the web which is within this private network even using the private IP address.

But it enables the option that any device on the local network can connect with other devices that are using this IP address. If a router accessed with the private IP address, it has ability to assign the different private IP address. Make sure to have a unique address for all the IP addresses within the network in order to avoid the IP address conflicts. The most commonly used IP address by the routers is either or

How to Access Router Admin Panel

The router comes with the default IP address and password. You can change the details whenever you want by using the administrative interface. By entering the in your search bar of your browser, you can easily access the router’s console page. Through this, you can change the IP address and also change the settings if you want. Know the router IP address with the following simple steps:

  • • Press Windows and X on your computer to open the Power User name.
  • • Now click command prompt.
  • • Next, enter iconfig in the command prompt and next a list will be displayed about the computer connections.
  • • In the Local Area Connection Section, find the Default Gateway.
  • • The IP address present in that location is your router IP address.

The routers like 2Wire, Aztech, Billion, Motorola, Netopia, SparkLAN and much more use most common default username and passwords. The usernames provided by the routers will be like blank, admin, "admin", "user", or blank, "admin" or "admin", "admin" or blank and etc. The passwords that are used by the routers are, such as blank, admin", "user", "password", or blank and much more.

Final verdict

So guys, this is the complete information regarding Purpose of 192.168.o.1 IP Address Router. We hope you got enough details about 192.168.0 1 IP address. If you have any queries, just drop them in the comment box below.